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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Caricaturar o no caricaturar, that is the question

Una buena disquisición sobre la libertad de expresión. Pero me gusta, sobre todo, la segunda parte del párrafo. Es el refrán de que "el que no llora, no mama", cuando resulta que el que no llora está igual de hambriento que el llorón. Cuando se burlan del Papa, se meten con los católicos, cuando ves ataques a tus creencias en tantos medios de publicación, duele profundamente. Y te aguantas. O desahogas en una bitácora :-).

"...if all are allowed to protect their values from the dishonour of being criticisized in ways which are unacceptable to their proponents then we're providing a recipe either for recurrent violence or for the oppressive rule of the most dictatorial among us. Furthermore, those who manage to refrain from demanding that their views should be protected from criticism and mockery may hold their most cherished beliefs quite as strongly as anyone else; their tolerance for hearing these vies criticized and mocked is due solely to their greater tolerance."

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