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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Camino de servidumbre...

Por esto mismo leí en algún sitio que el socialismo y el Islam son aliados naturales. Ambos aspiran a controlar a las masas. En mi experiencia diaria, además, tengo visto que hay gente que admite otras opiniones, y gente que no. Las que no las admiten suelen ser las que se consideran a sí mismas tolerantes. Se sitúan en un plano moral superior, de tal manera que no verían problema alguno en mandar y ordenar a los demás. Precisamente, su problema es que no pueden!

What a great pity the west didn’t have a thorough campaign of de-marxification after the wall came down. Instead, all the fellow traveling academics, politicians and media folk just carried on making their lucrative living in the Capitalist societies they so despised.
And the thing they despise most in the Capitalist societies is the individualism of the grubby ordinary people, the apolitical plebs. The ungrateful wretches who don’t regard the Mr. Milne’s of this world as their “betters”, and are able to decide for themselves what is in their own interests without the intercession of Marxist elites.
Communism is as patronising as the old school 19th century colonial attitudes to “natives”. Both rely on subservient populations kept in a child like state of helplessness. No wonder the left hates America so much: the ordinary people there have too much power, too much control over their own lives.

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