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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Cuando vayamos a hacer la compra

Contrarrestemos el boicot a los productos daneses:

The primary burden has fallen on the large Danish dairy products company Arla, which depends on export markets, especially in the Middle East, for a quarter of its sales. The company has been forced to “seek dialogue” in the Middle East. Meanwhile, despite the closing of its dairy in Saudi Arabia, the company has so far assured its employees that they will not be laid off.
Arla does not have any operations in the United States, but it does license the production of Havarti cheese. If you stand with Denmark, go out and buy a piece of Havarti cheese.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming. Denmark produces many products which you can introduce to friends if you attend a Super Bowl Party. Perhaps Carlsberg Beer or Tuborg Beer, and some Danish crackers would make a good present to bring to your host. There are also many other possibilities.

Although not an object of a new Islamic boycott, for obvious reasons, Danish pork and ham products are readily available in the United States. Plumrose, Dak, and other brands are widely available, and the company even has in-sourced some production to the United States. A large percentage of the baby back ribs sold in the United States are from Denmark.

A causal look will demonstrate that Denmark is a country which produces very high quality products, so buying Danish will cause no sacrifice, and might well introduce you to goods which are better than those you customarily enjoy.

Así es que, ya sabemos: en la lista de la compra, nada catalán, mucho danés.

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